6 Fatal Mistakes When Building A New Website in 2018 (and how to avoid them)

6 Fatal Mistakes When Building A New Website in 2018 (and how to avoid them)

We have seen hundreds of websites with these…

… For the sake of your business, please don’t be another one

1. Using a Designer Instead of a Landing Page Designer

Let’s get this out of the way first…
What is the purpose of your website?
For 99% of business websites – the purpose is to generate new leads and/or sales for their company.
Having a beautiful website is great I agree, however if it comes at the price of leaving out critical conversion components (see our Perfect Homepage Checklist) then you are:
1. Leaving a lot of money on the table in lost business.
2. Going to never see the majority of your visitors again.
3. Losing your customers to competitors.
Landing Page designers have the expertise in understanding what is necessary for having a highly converting website which results in more customers and sales for your business.
2. Not Paying Enough
Sounds crazy right?
Paying too little for a new website can cost you much more in lost business due to poor branding and low quality of the finished website.
At Simplex Software we often have people coming to us after having a bad experience with an overseas web developer who delivered a half-baked website in an attempt to save money upfront.
As they say, you get what you pay for…
3. Paying Too Much
The other side of the same coin is paying too much.
Depending on what your website does it shouldn’t cost more than $5000 in the majority of cases.
With the exception of full ecommerce online stores & custom web applications which can range from around the $8k+ mark.
4. Not using the right marketing tools or platform.
“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” –  Abraham Lincoln
The majority of websites should either be built on a CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress or on an ecommerce platform such as Shopify.
These platforms power a solid portion of the internet (WordPress powering approx. 30% of the entire internet) which means they are constantly being upgraded with the latest security and features.
Marketing tools such as Google Analytics for tracking user data and the Facebook Pixel are two essentials which no website should be without.
These are FREE tools that allow you to leverage the power of these billion dollar companies and have their incredible technology available at your finger tips.
5. Talking to much about yourself
This is more about the actual content but I feel that I must include it.
We are all guilty of it, hell I even have a mug shot of myself on this blog post.
Too often we want to talk about ourselves…
…our brand, our company and how good we are. This may very well be the case however your visitors don’t care about you (just yet), they care about what problems you can solve for them.
Understand WHO you are addressing and HOW you can solve their problems, only then  should you talk about yourself.
6. Using a Website Builder such as Wix or Squarespace
While these website builders are getting easier and easier to use I once was talking to a Personal Trainer who is a client of ours (leanperformance.com.au).
We were comparing one-on-one personal training & professional website development to DIY workouts & DIY website builders.
“I can exercise at the gym by myself and probably get away with doing a workout that I found online, but compare the results that of a one-on-one Personal training session, the difference is not even on the same planet.”
The exact same applies for using a website builder. Without having years of experience creating websites you are missing out on things like:
  •  How to generate more customers
  •  Why certain design elements should be avoided
  •  How to get people to visit your website in the first place
  •  How to get visitors to come back
  •  How to make more money through your website
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