7 Signs Your Website Is Due For An Upgrade or Redesign

7 Signs Your Website Is Due For An Upgrade or Redesign

Let’s face it, everybody could be generating more business from their website.

However, some websites could be generating much more due to being severely outdated…

Do you or your website suffer from any of the following? 
1. You’re Embarrassed to Give Out your Website URL
Are you ashamed of what your current website looks like or do you hope that new prospects aren’t savvy enough to find your website online so they can’t see the state it is in?
2. Not Using SSL
This is a simple one, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a protocol used to securely transmit data over the internet. Now mandatory by law for any website which accepts payments, SSL is the green padlock you see in the URL bar in your browser.
Websites without SSL automatically are penalized by google and as a result they don’t show as high on google for your terms which you are ranking for.
3. Your Site is Not Mobile Friendly or Responsive 
Similar to the SSL, Google is now penalizing websites which aren’t responsive (mobile/tablet friendly) due to their lower quality of user experience.
New websites nowadays have this as a standard however there are still a lot of older websites running desktop only versions.
4. Your Competitors all have newer websites
Take a quick glance at your competitors websites, either on Google or by directly knowing their names based on your experience.

How do their websites compare to yours? Are you satisfied with how your website looks if you stack it side by side against your competitors?
5. Your Site is Not Delivering the Leads, Sale and Conversions that you expect.
The main purpose of the majority of business websites is to generate new leads or sales however most websites aren’t designed with that goal in mind.
Not receiving enough traffic to your website can also be an issue as even the best designed websites are useless if no one is visiting them.
At the end of the day, this point is the most important one to consider.
Your results of your website is determined by:
1. The Traffic
2. Website Conversions
If you can identify whether your website is lacking in conversions (i.e. sales, leads, enquiries) or traffic or both then you can determine if you need to redesign your website with conversions as the goal of the design or begin on SEO or Paid Traffic campaigns.
See our guide for the perfect homepage checklist to see if you could improve anywhere on your homepage design.
6. Your Website is Over 5 years old.
While it’s not a clear cut rule that 5 years is too old for a website, it means that there are most likely features, SEO performance enhancements and security upgrades that it could benefit from at the very least.
In any case, the advances in web technology in the past 5 years are massive and if your website is older then it could do with an overhaul at some level.
7. No Call to Action/Lead Magnet
This goes back to the purpose of your website. Most likely it is to generate new leads or sales.
Having a Call to Action or a Lead Magnet is a form of building an initial relationship with an initial visitor/prospect on your website.
The most successful websites in terms of generating new leads & building email lists contain at least one form of Lead Magnet or call to action.
With this component, your new visitors/prospect provides their contact information in exchange for some form of educational or value based content that is relevant in your industry.
If you said yes to some or all of these questions then it’s definitely time to consider an upgrade for your website.
You are losing new and potentially existing business to competitors and if you are looking for ways to increase revenue in your business then this is definitely where you should start.
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